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Audi Traffic Light Recognition could save you money

Mon, 10 Mar 2014

Audi Traffic Light Recognition system (pictured) could save you money

In the never ending quest to reduce fuel consumption – and, by definition, emissions – car makers are looking for every angle that might help. And Audi has come up with a traffic light recognition system they reckon could be good for a 15 per cent fuel saving. Sadly, Audi’s traffic light system doesn’t work by changing the lights to green as you get to them, but it is able to work out traffic light sequences and help you plan ahead.

The new system alerts the driver of upcoming traffic lights and advises what speed is needed to arrive at the lights when they’re on green (speeds within the prevailing speed limit) so drivers don’t have to stop at a red light, thus saving fuel.

If you do find yourself at a red light the stop-start system will fire up automatically just before the lights turn green so you’re ready for the off.

The new system is fully functioning and ready to roll out across the Audi range, and was recently demonstrated during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and is on trial in Verona and in Berlin, where 25 Audi customers are testing the system.

A clever, slightly left-field take on fuel saving for cars, but we do wonder if the system becomes ubiquitous, and everyone drives to catch the green light, if it would still be effective?

By Cars UK