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Audi Urban Future Summit: Interactivity in the future city

Tue, 15 Nov 2011

The Audi Urban Summit is an international convention bringing together experts on urban mobility and development to discuss one central question: Which energies and forces will change the city of the future in 2020 – and what relationships will exist between these forces?

Held in Frankfurt, just prior to the city's auto show, the summit aimed to hold an open discussion that was ‘free from preconceptions about how cities and mobility can be shaped in a suitable and sustainable way in the future'.

Workshops focused on three key themes: Energies of data, energies of social relations and energies of resources. The short animated film (left) documents how the three would combine during an average day in the ‘future city'.

Audi believes that by making headway in these areas, it will gain a invaluable insight into future urbanism and its resultant challenges.

For more information of the Audi Urban Future Summit, the workshops undertook and its findings, see the Audi Urban Future Summit site.

By John O'Brien