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Audi dropping Multitronic CVT gearbox

Tue, 22 Jul 2014

The Audi Multitronic CVT gearbox is being retired

Audi make some great cars, but a number of them are spoiled by the woeful CVT gearbox. The theory is that as the CVT ‘box, which varies transmission ratios infinitely and keeps the engine working in the right rev range, is more economical and more efficient. But CVT boxes are horrible.

The constant drone from the engine as the revs seem to bear little relationship to the progress of the car is enormously wearing, and despite claims CVT ‘boxes are more economical they seem to take away any joy in the drive.

But now Audi – one of the main proponents of CVT gearboxes with their Multitronic ‘boxes in┬átheir lower-powered front-wheel-drive cars – has decided the CVT ‘box is now ready for the history bin, and are stopping development ahead of dropping the Multitronic altogether.

In its place, Audi will fit dual-clutch S tronic gearboxes which have now developed to the point where they offer better economy than the CVT and, from a driver’s perspective, a much better ‘drive’.

We should see the new S tronic ‘box arriving with the next Audio A4 in 2015, with all Audi models dropping the Multitronic ‘box in the coming year.

Now let’s hope other car makers (like Lexus) will go the same route and make their cars more appealing at a stroke.

By Cars UK