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Axon Plug-in Hybrid revealed

Tue, 27 Oct 2009

Axon Automotive's plug-in hybrid due to market in 2011

We’re used to seeing plug-in hybrids coming at us from major manufacturers as they try to out eco one another. But this time we have a UK made plug-in hybrid from minnow car maker Axon Automotive.

Axon Automotive’s plug-in hybrid has been revealed at the Milton Keynes Science Festival and can be used as a pure electric car or with its small petrol or bioethanol engine. Surprisingly, for what’s being billed as an affordable plug-in, the Axon makes extensive use of carbon fibre because, as Axon says, you can have significant impact on economy and emissions by saving weight and making the car as aerodynamic as possible.

Axon are claiming their car can offer the benefits of a pure electric car but without the costs or weight penalties of big banks of batteries. They have calculated that in pure electric mode the Axon emits 50g/km CO2. And it would appear that they have been straight with these figures by factoring in the CO2 cost of the generated electricity – a refreshing change from the usual ‘Electric cars are zero emission’ twaddle.

The Axon is designed to be a multi-purpose vehicle for two adults and their luggage. The carbon fibre used in construction is recyclable, and Axon are making big play of the fact that the interior trim is made from recycled jeans and pin-stripe suits. I’m not sure I’d have shouted that out.

Axon are funded by UK Technology Strategy Board and private investment and are the only UK company making a plug-in hybrid at present, although that will probably have changed by the time the Axon actually hits the market in 2011.

Still, nice to see a bit of innovation from a small car maker.

By Cars UK