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Thu, 10 Oct 2013

A RECENT episode of BBC Two’s Top Gear shone the spotlight on the pitfalls associated with buying a used car.

The team bought three BMW 325i convertibles and demonstrated how seemingly identical vehicles can have a very different past. HPI warns consumers to remain vigilant and protect themselves with an HPI Check.

During the course of the programme, the Top Gear team revealed they had bought what looked like three identical cars on paper. However, each one had secrets to hide, some of which were cosmetic but some of which were issues that an HPI Check would have flagged.

For example, the first of many problems that Richard Hammond identified on his BMW related to mileage – it supposedly showed 74,000 miles on the clock, which seemed low for the age of the car and when compared to the mileage of Clarkson and May’s vehicles.

Commenting on the programme, Nicola Johnson, Consumer Services Manager at HPI, said: “Six in every 100 vehicles checked with HPI have a mileage discrepancy.

“Not only can these mileage discrepancies inflate the value of the vehicle, but as we saw on the Top Gear programme, they could lead to safety risks if vehicles miss out on crucial servicing and replacement work for vital components – as seen with Richard Hammond’s BMW ignition barrel. However, the HPI Check comes with a mileage check as standard, offering consumers the ultimate in protection.”

Jeremy Clarkson wrapped up the challenge by urging caution when purchasing a used vehicle and particularly mentioned the risk of outstanding finance. The tough economic climate means used car buyers remain at risk, as an increasing number of people are selling their vehicle before they have paid off the outstanding finance – the HPI Check will confirm whether a vehicle still has finance registered against it.

Concluding, Johnson said: “As the Top Gear trio saw at the end of their piece, buying a used car without knowing its history can prove costly, with quotes of up to a whopping £11,000 to clean and repair them, to bring them up to showroom condition.

“Whilst most used car buyers will not expect to purchase a used car at new car showroom standard, a seemingly perfect vehicle with a hidden history can still come at a heavy price. The HPI Check offers consumers the best protection from buying a banger like the Top Gear team did.”

By By Press Association