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BMW 1-series Convertible (2007) first official pictures

Sun, 30 Sep 2007

By Ben Pulman

First Official Pictures

30 September 2007 12:01

A 1-series Convertible? Seems like a logical step…

Indeed it does. BMW is gradually filling every niche with every possible model combination. So after three- and five-door hatches, and a coupe, here’s the convertible version of the 1-series. It’s the same formula that BMW has used with the 3-series to such success, and the Bavarians are banking on the Coupe and Convertible to spearhead the launch of the 1-series range in the USA.

Of course it’s electric, and BMW claims it’s the first premium convertible in this sector. Audi’s A3 cabriolet will be here soon, but it won't arrive until 2008. The 1-series' fabric roof opens and closes in 22 seconds, and can operate at low speeds. For posing value of course. The car will still seat four, but those two poor souls in the back will be very short on leg space. BMW is also claiming a world first with the roof design. As an option, you can elect for an anthracite roof with ‘interwoven shiny fibres’. Basically it's a sparkly roof, or in BMW speak it ‘produces charming reflections in sunlight’. Sounds more like a dodgy sweater your auntie knits for you.

By Ben Pulman