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BMW 335iS (2011) prices +video

Thu, 28 Jan 2010

The BMW 335iS Convertible - starts at $59K

Normally we would have made the headline ‘BMW 355iS US prices’, but as BMW has decided that the new 335iS is going to be a North America car only we guess that anyone looking for a price will know it’s going to be a dollar price.

As we reported last week, BMW are releasing the 335iS to bridge a gap they perceive exists between the 335i and the M3. Which seems more like the sort of think Audi would do rather than BMW, but perhaps they’ve learnt a trick or two from their four-ringed neighbours about filling every possible niche?

The 335iS will come as either a coupe or a¬†convertible. The coupe costs $50,525 (the M3 is around $60k) and the convertible a fairly heft $59,075. Which if you’re reading this on this side of the Pond will actually seem cheap, but remember US prices are lower than here anyway and they don’t include sales tax.

The 335iS gets the same N54 engine we saw recently in the BMW Z4 sDrive35is but curiously it gets 320bhp instead of the 335bhp in the Z4. But that’s still enough to shift the new 3 Series to 60mph in 5 seconds and you can cpecify BMW’s 7-Speed Dual-Clutch ‘box if you wish.

There’s more detail on the 335iS in the report we did last week and if you want every detail – and a chunk of padding – have a look at the BMW 335iS Press Release.

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