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BMW 5 Series GT – Leaked images ahead of launch

Fri, 22 May 2009

BMW 5 Series GT leaked official images ahead of the release on Sunday


As we’ve discussed countless times, Mercedes and Audi seem to be filling niches in the car market no one even realised existed. But BMW is playing catch-up quickly. Many would say that the X6, and in particular the BMW X6M, is a car that fills a niche that doesn’t exist – but we have another contender.

This year’s Geneva Motor Show saw BMW preview the BMW 5 Series GT Concept, a sort of cross between a hatch and a saloon. In essence, it was a BMW X6 without the stilts. It looked pretty nearly production ready, and so it has proved with the leaking of the first official images ahead of the scheduled release date on Sunday.

What we see in the pictures is a car that is almost exactly the same as the concept from Geneva. The car in these pictures is the 530d version of the 5-Series GT, featuring a 3.0 litre diesel with around 245bhp. Which should be more than adequate for the car, and put it head to head with Audi’s A5 Sportback. Same niche – different maker.

The inside again is much the same as the concept, with a variation on the BMW theme which is somewhat reminiscent of what Mercedes did with the CLS – still BMW but with a twist. You get just two seats in the back (as on the X6) and the whole ambience, although still familiar BMW, gets a different interpretation.

We’re expecting full and official details from BMW on Sunday, so we’ll bring you more comprehensive information on the new BMW 5 Series GT then.

By Cars UK