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BMW M3 GTS to hit UK in 2011 +video

Thu, 13 May 2010

The new BMW M3 GTS - arrives in the UK in 2011

We got the first bit of info on BMW’s super-hot M3 – the BMW M3 GTS – back in November. We get a few facts, such as a likely cost of £100k plus, 450bhp and only available in the Tango version. But now we get official detail from BMW, although we still don’t get a BMW M3 GTS price for the UK. Just for Germany.

The M3 GTS has been stroked by BMW’s M Division to 4631cc with a resulting increase in power – up 30bhp to 444bhp and an extra 10% torque – which means a cut in 0-62mph by 2/10ths of a second to 4.4 seconds. Which doesn’t seem all that special, especially considering the M3 GTS has shed around 150lbs with the use plastic instead of glass, lighter interior trim and other comfort-shedding stuff.

The M3 GTS should be more fun though – even if it’s not much quicker – with a number of tweaks to the electronics – ECU, traction control, gearbox – to dial in less Nanny and more fun.

Cosmetically you get the Tango paint job, a great big ’70s-style WTCC wing at the back, matt-black Y-spoke 19″ alloys and matt-black grille. Inside sees a roll cage in the back, buckets seats with racing harnesses and a fire extinguisher. Yes, this M3 GTS has real track intent.

The 2010 BMW M3 GTS actually goes on sale in Germany in July for twice the price of an M3 – €136,850. The RHD M3 GTS will start production in January next year, and BMW say they’ll tell us the price nearer the time. In the meantime, if you want to look at the BMW M3 GTS UK press release you’ll got a bit more detail, plus we’ve put up video of the BMW M3 GTS taking on the Nurburgring.

At this point we’d normally speculate on the likely UK price for the M3 GTS. Or even just do a straight conversion from the Euro price. But as that will change on a daily basis there seems no point in converting. And if the Euro continues the way it’s been going there’s every chance the list price for the BMW M3 GTS in the UK will be £9,999 when it arrives.

If that.

By Cars UK