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BMW M5 (& BMW V10) production ends

Thu, 08 Jul 2010

The 2005 BMW M5 - production has now finished

It’s been the most successful BMW M5 ever, this E60 M5. More successful than even the E39 M5 though it’s been in production for a year less. But now it’s come to an end. The last E60 BMW M5 has rolled off the production line, which probably means so too has the BMW V10 at it’s heart (although it will, for now, continue in the M6).

Surprisingly – for it is a car I covet – the BMW M6 Touring accounted for less than 5% of M5s built. A total of 20,548 M5s hit the road with the US by far the biggest marketplace taking almost 43% of production. But Blighty came in a sterling second with 1776 M5s – or just over 8.5% of production.

Although the instinct is to lament the passing of the V10 powered M5 it seems as if BMW are wanting us to embrace the positives of moving to a twin turbo V8 in the F10 BMW M5, which will offer more horses, more torque, better performance and better economy than the outgoing V10.

But it won’t sound as good.

By Cars UK