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BMW M5 ‘Bullet’ video

Sat, 23 Jun 2012

BMW Canada has produce a stunning video of the BMW M5 featuring the M5 exiting from a gun barrel to take out targets.

There was a time when all car makers needed to promote their cars was a power ballad, lots of flame and a few explosions. Video done.

But as the art of the promo video moves on we’ve been treated to everything from the sublime to the ridiculous; from drama to comedy via the blatant ’We’re the Dogs’.

But sometimes car makers get it just right. Just like BMW in Canada has with their take on a promotion for the new BMW M5. Yes, there’s burning rubber. Yes, the M5 goes fas more quickly than you ever could in the real world – even on the M5′s home turf.

But between the burning rubber and high speed salt lake shots are three stunning hi-def, slow-mo sections of the M5 bursting through three obstacles – a glass apple, three water-filled balloons and a ‘target’.

There’s nothing more being said than BMW M5 ‘Bullet’ High Performance Art.

And its is.


By Cars UK