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BMW PAS concept (2009) teaser video

Fri, 30 Jan 2009

By Ben Pulman

First Official Pictures

30 January 2009 11:15

This is BMW’s first video tease of its new PAS concept, which will be unveiled at the Geneva motor show on 3 March 2009. Unfortunately the video only features cartoon drawings and a narration that explains why BMW boffins think the PAS is a good idea. Worryingly, by the end of the video the PAS actually starts to make (a little) sense.

BMW claims to have thought long and hard about its new car, and says the PAS is for customers with an active lifestyle that need to carry lots of stuff. So the PAS is not a saloon (which BMW deems is too small), an estate (which is too utilitarian) or an SUV (too big and imposing). Instead, BMW says the PAS sits between all three, offering first-class levels of space, a big panoramic roof and a boot that opens as either a hatch or a saloon, much like the Skoda Superb.

The video concludes saying the PAS is: 'Full of character. 100% BMW. Stylish appearance. Elegant atmosphere. Suitable for business settings. Powerful through and through. A truly new BMW.' Hmmm.



By Ben Pulman