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BMW X1 – Lego Edition

Fri, 13 Nov 2009

The full size BMW X1 created in Lego by children in Munich

I played with Lego when I was small. My children played with Lego when they were small. And it would seem that even though we assume that today’s children spend their whole life immersed in a virtual world of gaming and the interweb, they do still play with Lego.

A bunch of 5-13 year old children have been playing with Lego in a very big way at BMW World in Munich. Over the course of just four days, 800 children used a total of 165,000 pieces of Lego to build a full-size BMW X1. Why, apart from the fun, you may well ask. A bit of publicity for the new X1 for starters, but BMW haven’t treated it as freebie PR. They’re donating money to the ‘Die Arche’ Children’s Foundation for every Lego brick used.

This venture isn’t quite on the scale of James May’s full sized house that didn’t find a home, but unlike the James May effort this X1 creation will be on display at the BMW World Plaza in Munich from 25th November.

By Cars UK