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BMW X4 confirmed – one more time

Thu, 22 Sep 2011

It was always going to be on the cards after the unexpected success of the X6, but the birth of the BMW X4 – a coupé version of the new X3 – has been the subject of endless rumours, almost since the X6 started to sell in unexpected numbers.

We reported as far back as April 2010 that BMW were close to deciding an X4 was a no brainer; after all, with a lot of the world ‘downsizing’ their transport, a smaller X6 should be a seller.

By this time last year we heard that BMW had already made the decision and we had it on good authority that the X4 was confirmed and signed-off and would be heading to showrooms by 2013.

And now we have word on the X4 from the horse’s mouth, with BMW boss Norbert Reithofer telling Auto Motor und Sport that the coupé X3 is on its way, there can be no doubt BMW are about to open up another niche.

But it’s not just the success of the X6 that will have pushed BMW down the route of a lifestyle CAV; the arrival of the Evoque will have played a big part.

The Evoque seems to be selling better than Land Rover could have hoped, and proves there’s a market for a CAV (small SUV, Lifestyle SUV, SAV, Compact SAV – delete as applicable) where style is a bigger factor than cost.

After all, the Evoque offers not a lot more under the skin – apart from its inherent off-road ability – than the X3, and relies on its style to justify its premium price. And BMW want a piece of the action.

Expect to see engine options closely mirroring those on offer in the X3 to arrive in the X4. It’s possible BMW may choose to restrict the UK to diesel-only options – as they do with the X3 – but there must be a chance of a nicely fettled X4M at some point.

But whatever the engine options, it looks like the X4 will be produced at BMW’s Spartanburg plant in the US – just like the X3.


By Cars UK