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BMW X6 gets 5 seat option

Thu, 10 Feb 2011

Room for a little one? BMW X6 gets 5 seats

It looks like VW’s decision to give the option of five seats on the Passat CC has started a trend. Well, hardly a trend, but BMW are going the same route with the X6.

When BMW launched the X6 (in effect the X5 Coupe) it was a very niche car. Who’d have thought that an SUV with a coupe roof and just two seats in the back would ever be a niche that needed to be filled? BMW thought it did, and have been entirely vindicated with X6 sales of more than twice the original estimates.

Not only has the X6 been a proper success for BMW it looks likely to spawn a smaller version in the X4, a coupe version of the X3. Why not, I suppose. Making a coupe version of the X5 worked, so why not of the X3?

And if BMW do end up building the X4 – which seems very likely – it will no doubt come with both a four and five seat option. Because BMW has learned from the success of the X6 that a chunk buyers really would like to get that extra body in the back, be it for the extra sprog, more kids on the school run, granny on a day out or just the nanny to keep the little horrors in check.

So from April this year you’ll be able to order your BMW X6 with a bench in the back instead of two individual seats and a big centre console. You’ll also be able to order the bench across the X6 range – including the X6 M – with the exception of the BMW ActiveHybrid¬†X6.

All of which will probably mean even more X6′s on the road.

By Cars UK