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BMW X6M and BMW X5M Revealed

Sun, 05 Apr 2009

The BMW X6M & X5M revealed ahead of the New York Car Show


Well, this was supposed to be a big reveal for the New York Motor show, which kicks off to the paying public on the 10th, and journos a few days before. But fuzzy scans of the new BMW X6M and BMW X5M turned up on the web a couple of days ago, so it looks like BMW has decided to get the info out as soon as possible.

Yes, it’s a rotten time to be bringing out a new, big 4×4, much less one with over 500bhp. But this was planned before the current woes, and there is still a market for cars like this so, development money spent, BMW may as well push ahead.

The M versions of the X5 and X6 get a big jump in power from their 4.4 litre, twin-turbo V8s  – up to 555bhp from 400bhp – and a smaller increase in torque of around 10%. But BMW says the torque is available across a much wider range, making the X6M and X5M far more flexible.

Both the X6M and X5m should offer stunning performance, with a 0-60mph time of around 4.6 seconds, and a limited top speed of 155moh. But you can push the top speed up to 171mph by opting for the M Driver package.

The clever air suspension means the car will always be balanced, whatever you try to do, and the clever AWD system will push the right amount of power to any individual wheel to help not only with traction but also handling

It also seems likely that this engine will end up in the M5 before long. It’s more flexible and more economical, and although a twin-turbo V8 doesn’t seem like an ‘economical’ downsize, it is in comparison to the V10.

Both the X6M and the X5M will debut officially this week in New York, and be in UK showrooms by October at around £70k plus.

There are lots of techy details in the press release (link at the end) for those who want every last detail there is on the new ‘X-M’ cars. But these will be scorchers, have no doubt. They could give the Cayenne Turbo a run for its money (but not off-road) and, politically incorrect though they are, I can’t wait to get our hands on one. Listening, BMW?!

BMW X5M & BMW X6M Press Release

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