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BMW reveals its 2012 London Olympics fleet

Thu, 26 Apr 2012

BMW 2012 London Olympic Fleet arrives

BMW has revealed its fleet of cars for ferrying athletes, VIPs and officials around London for the 2012 Olympics.

BMW is an official sponsor for the 2012 London Olympics – just in case you’ve been in a cave for the last couple of years – and are focusing supplying on low emission cars cars to transport the mass of Olympic bods round London this summer.

That means there will be no plutocratic 7 Series of ‘let’s get there quick’ M5s on offer and instead the Olympic great and good will have to do with a fleet of cars with a green halo. But at least they won’t be stuck in the jams the rest of us are as London’s roads grind to a halt under the weight of the Olympic invasion.

BMW has brought along a chunk of token EV offerings in the shape of 160 1 Series ActiveE and 40 Mini E but the vast bulk of ferrying duties will be undertaken by a fleet of 1,550 320d Efficient Dynamics and 700 520d Efficient Dynamics.

Also in the mix are a handful of X3s and X5s, a couple of hundred Countryman Cooper Ds and a sprinkling of 5 Series Active Hybrids. But it’s not just four-wheeled transport BMW are providing for the London Olympics.

As well as the 2679 BMW and MINI cars they are also delivering 25 motor bikes (F650GS, R1200GS, R1200RT) that’ll be used as support for road-based events like the cycling and the marathon and 400 BMW Streetcruiser Bicycles that’ll get used mainly in water-based events. No, they don’t have great big tyres so they float – they’re for team coaches and officials following the races.

If you live or work in London you’ll be mightily sick of the site of BMWs – legally, for a change – zipping through the traffic by the time July is over.

By Cars UK