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Bajaj RE60

Wed, 04 Jan 2012

Bajaj, the Indian manufacturer most famous for its two- and three-wheeled exploits, has now turned its attention to the automotive sector. The RE60 is the end result of a four-year development that first began with partner Renault-Nissan and the Lite concept, before moving solely in-house.

The sub-400kg car is powered by a rear mounted engine and was conceived, originally, as a rival to the blighted Tata Nano. Due to the car's diminutive dimensions and tight turning circle, Bajaj hopes the car will find favor with India's burgeoning Taxi industry.

The upright RE60 sits atop 10-inch wheels and features detais such as the rising lower feature line in an attempt to mask the tall of the city car. Despite the comparability to the Nano in terms of dimensions and pricing Rajiv Bajaj, managing director of Bajaj Auto is keen to avoid comparing the two.

"Bajaj are an anti-car company. This vehicle was born out of the costs and skills of a two-wheeler market," he stated at the press conference. "There must be a starting point for a strategy, which, in our case, was a brand."

Bajaj is hoping that the RE60, with its sub $3.5k price tag, will find popularity in other developing markets – Sri Lanka being touted as the first market to receive the RE60, ahead of India.

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