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Beijing 2012: It’s a Breast Show with Cars

Mon, 30 Apr 2012

Li Ying Zhi(left) and Gan Lulu (right) - The Beijing Breast Show 2012

Chinese authorities have reprimanded the organisers of the Beijing Motor Show for the ‘Negative Social Impact’ of scantily dressed models.

In the West we’re very used to scantily clad beauties selling everything from toothpaste to cars. Especially cars, and especially at Motor Shows.

But it seems that despite China’s renewed love affair with capitalism their embracing of Western ways doesn’t extend to beautiful bodies on display, so they’ve issued a severe reprimand to the organisers of this year’s Beijing Motor Show over the number of scantily dressed models on display.

The Beijing Capital Ethics Development Office has said the revealing clothing on models at the Beijing Motor Show has had a ‘Negative Social Impact’ and has criticised the ‘Vulgar Publicity’ the models’ appearance has generated.

China’s online community has taken to describing the Beijing Motor Show as a ‘Breasts show with Cars’ with many sites getting great traffic by publishing photo galleries of the girls rather than the cars.

The comments by the Chinese authorities are thought to be aimed mainly at Gan Lulu – a sort of Chinese Jordan famous for getting her kit off and little else – and Li Ying Zhi, the beautiful model BMW wisely chose to use on its stand.

We can’t blame China for wanting to keep a lid on their very own Jordan, but when it comes to Li Ying Zhi we’d rather watch her than almost anything else on show at Beijing.


By Cars UK