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Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Styling Pack launched

Sat, 25 Jun 2011

Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Styling Pack arrives - glossy carbon fibre Bentley-ness

If there’s a complaint about the Bentley Continental GT it’s that it’s become ubiquitous; an everyman Bentley (for every footballer, celeb and WAG, at least).

Sadly, that perception undermines what is at the heart of how successful the Continental GT is; it’s quite simply an epic car.

Take no notice of the Luddites who claim it’s not a real Bentley. It is. It’s a fine Bentley in the tradition of the Bentleys fixed and fettled by the Bentley Boys; a beautifully built car with enormous power bolted on. And it doesn’t break. Unlike the Aston or the Ferrari or the Maserati or…

But however good the Conti is, it’s still nice to make it a bit more individual. Please don’t go the Katie Price route and paint it pink, but perhaps the new Mulliner Styling Classic Pack Bentley has just launched?

It’s all quite laid back and understated (as much as any ‘Styling Pack’ is ever going to be) and offers up some glossy black carbon fibre add-ons: rear diffuser, front splitter, front grill strakes and side extension blades complete with ‘Winged B’ motif.

Not enough? Then you can opt for the ‘Mulliner Styling Specification – Optional Design Features’. These include the automatic spoiler at the back in carbon fibre, carbon fibre door mirror cowls and curved, carbon fibre wing vents with dark mesh behind the front wheel arches.

And if you want to go the whole hog you can also throw in a set of 21″, 7-spoke alloys in black with contrasting machine detailing.

None of it’s exactly cheap, but what do you expect? It is a Bentley.

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