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Bentley Supersports ISR: Cool in Arctica White in Geneva

Thu, 03 Mar 2011

Bentley Supersports ISR - Cool in Arctica White

It’s not every day you take a world speed record and give it a good spanking. But that’s what Bentley recently did on ice in Finland in – of all things – a Bentley Supersports Convertible. And why not the convertible? The sun might have shone and they could have dropped the top.

The point of breaking the world ice speed record in the Continental Supersports was doubtless to get free column inches for an incredible feat of performance in a Bentley that was basically a stock model.

The record breaking on ice would draw attention not just to the immense power on offer in the Continental Supersports, but the enormous grip available in treacherous conditions from the Supersports 4WD.

So having broken the record Рthey achieved just over 205mph Рand got the column inches, what comes next? Simple Рa limited edition Bentley to celebrate.

So we’ve got a limited run of 100 Bentley Continental Supersports ‘Ice Speed Record’ Convertibles up for grabs. Each features a limited colour palette and red detailing inside. They also get a bit more power – a mere 631bhp and 590lb/ft of torque – to set them apart.

We’ve already covered the Supersports ISR when Bentley revealed it on Monday, and we even gave you the heads-up on the Ice Speed Record Limited Edition a few days before word got out. The only thing we got wrong on the first report was red detailing on the outside of the ISR, which Bentley decided to drop at the last minute.

So having now seen it on the floor in Geneva we couldn’t resist a quick recap and the chance to publish a live photo of the ISR looking cool in Arctica White. And we have to say, Bentley was right on the exterior detailing.

It looks better without the red.

By Cars UK