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Bogus DVLA websites costing motorists

Mon, 10 Feb 2014

A number of websites claiming to offer Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) test booking services are costing drivers up to three times as much for routine applications, according to new reports.

The Office of Fair Trading has confirmed that these fake sites exceed the standard DVLA costs for booking a driving theory or practical test – priced at £31 and £62 respectively – but that the independently run services are not actually illegal.

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Preying on less experienced learner drivers looking to put in for their test, these sites generally appear as sponsored links resulting from an internet search. Appearing high up the page by paying for this ranking is one way in which these websites ensure potential users click through.

Offering services known as “check and send”, customers that apply for their tests through these outlets will only receive a completed paper application form filled out with their details, according to the DVLA. They will then have to send this off to officially apply.

While this is technically above board, it could catch out motorists new to driving, or those not aware of the correct procedures.

The new group of websites are 100% legal, but this hasn’t stopped people impersonating the DVLA in the past.

Back in 2011, emails were sent to some drivers claiming to be from the DVLA and requesting personal information. It was later confirmed by the police that these message were actually sent by fraudsters trying to capture some motorists’ private and/or sensitive details.

The DVLA is urging learner drivers to apply for their tests in the way set out by the government. The application can be made online with no additional fees necessary – you’ll only pay a one-off cost for booking your test.

On Bing: see pictures of the driving test

MSN Cars learner drivers guide

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