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Brabus B63 S – Mercedes E63 AMG Plus

Sat, 28 Nov 2009

The Brabus B63 S - 300bhp more and a 200mph top speed

Brabus is one of the best known Mercedes car tuners, and produces a huge array of tuned versions of Mercedes AMG products. And at the Essen Motor Show this week it’s revealed the Brabus B63 S, a tuned and sorted Mercedes E63 AMG with extra horses. Also on offer are liberal doses of carbon fibre and other interior tweaks and titivates.

Without doubt it’s the power increase on the already powerful E63 AMG that’s of most interest. Brabus manages to release an extra 30bhp by fitting a pair of sport air filters, tweaking the ECU and fitting high-flow Cats. The changes give the B63 S a 0-60mph of about 4.1 seconds and a top speed of 200mph. Does that mean we should add this car in to our Supercars category? Probably not, although some Brabus models would certainly warrant it.

Personally I’d stick with the power tweaks rather than adding any of the loud, go-faster fripperies Brabus has on offer for the B63 S, but that’s a very subjective point of view. You can if you wish add stuff like a carbon fibre body kit, Brabus wheels, a 225mph speedo and an array of re-trim options in leather and Alcantara with inlays in wood and carbon fibre in any colour you want. Nice.

But you don’t need to worry that these mods will invalidate your warranty. Brabus offer a 60k mile warranty on all their tuning mods. Oh, and you can have the B63 S as either a saloon or Estate.

By Cars UK