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Bring A Trailer: Renault R5 Turbo 2

Tue, 22 May 2012

We can confidently say that you will never find a Renault R5-based, U.S.-market Le Car that will beat this real R5 Turbo 2 from our friends at This 1984 version is said to have its original paint, less than 22,000 miles and a current—legal—California registration.

The Renault R5 hatchback debuted in December 1971 as a 1972 model. According to the seller, the car was modified by an R5 specialist using parts from an English car.

The 1.4-liter turbocharged engine makes about 185 hp with a Renault race header and a larger intercooler. The engine also has a remote oil filter with braided-steel hoses for easy oil changes. All parts were purchased from John Price Rallying in the United Kingdom. Other upgrades include Bilstein shocks, dual radiator fans, steering-rack stiffeners and Gotti wheels with Toyo Proxes tires. The seller has all of the original parts, which are part of the sale.

Even though the mileage is low on the car, both we and Bring A Trailer worry about the harshness of those 22,000 clicks on the odometer. It's rare to find an R5 that hasn't been thrashed to the hilt.

Still, the car looks to be in really good condition, and it's something you don't see on the streets everyday. In fact, only two other versions of the R5 are for sale on eBay Motors, and neither have the build sheet of this vehicle.

It will cost you $45,000 if you “buy it now,” and that's quite a bit of cash for 25-year-old hatchback. But, hey, the next time someone at a party is bragging about his pristine Le Car—as owners of pristine Le Cars are wont to do—you can shut them up with a mention of your much rarer Renault R5 Turbo 2.

By Jake Lingeman