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Britain’s safest drivers live in Greater London

Tue, 26 Nov 2013

Analysis from motorists using a car insurance driving safety app has revealed that the top area for safe driving is Greater London – including areas such as busy Islington, Chelsea and Croydon.

The surprise revelation comes courtesy of the Aviva Drive app, which has recorded driving safety data from more than 3.5 million miles driven.

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That’s despite some of the heaviest traffic volumes in the UK being registered in Greater London. Aviva says that for driving safety, this is actually an advantage: it means people drive more slowly, carefully and safely.

Second behind Greater London is Devon, followed by East Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cornwall.

It’s bad news for those living in Buckinghamshire, though – according to the Aviva app, drivers there are the least safe: also in the bottom five are Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Aberdeenshire and Bedfordshire.

However, as Aviva marketing director Heather Smith pointed out, all is not lost for Britain’s least safe driving regions. “The beauty of the app is that you are recognised for who you are: not old or young, married or single, but instead how you drive. We think that is the fairest way to price insurance.”

Britain is, overall, generally a nation of pretty safe drivers, she adds. “The average score by all users of the Aviva Drive app was more than 6 out of a possible 10, meaning most drivers qualified for a discount on their premium.

“In fact, three out of four drivers who completed the app qualified for some form of discount, and 31% of drivers qualified for the maximum 20% discount.”

Aviva says the app hasn’t worked out whether men or women are the safest drivers yet, but has revealed that married people are safer than singles.

Of the age groups, those aged 60-69 score best overall… and those under 20 scored lowest out of all ages.

Already having a healthy No Claims Discount also helps driving safety: the app revealed that the higher your discount, the safer your driving.


1 Greater London

2 Devon

3 East Yorkshire

4 Lancashire

5 Cornwall

6 Staffordshire

7 Midlothian

8 Cumbria

9 West Yorkshire

10 South Glamorgan


1 Buckinghamshire

2 Norfolk

3 Northamptonshire

4 Aberdeenshire

5 Bedfordshire

6 Leicestershire

7 Lincolnshire

8 Merseyside

9 Essex

10 Wiltshire