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Brits would rather drive than walk

Wed, 25 Jun 2014

ALMOST HALF (47%) of all people in the UK would rather drive than walk for a journey of up to one mile and 48% drive to work instead of trying to use any other form of transport.

Despite a one mile journey taking very little more time to walk than drive, only 38% of drivers said they would use their feet in place of the car for such short journeys. Even though short journeys cause the most pollution and damage to cars, half said they would still drive.

However, the research by also found that 33% of Brits think we rely too much on the car. The same report also found one in five drivers said they could use public transport but preferred their own car for commuting to work. Only 11% of commuters walk to work, with 2% using a bicycle.

Commuters in Birmingham, Liverpool and Wakefield are the most likely (58%) to use their car to get to work, while Bristol has the highest number of people who walk (19%) and cycle (11%) to work.

Tom Lewis from commented: ‘The car is by far the most popular form of transport for the Nation's daily commute. Our research suggests that significantly more people drive to work or college than use any other form of transport.’

By Press Association reporters