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Bugatti Galibier 16C revealed

Mon, 14 Sep 2009

The new four door Bugatti Galabier

Update: Set of decent size interior and exterior photos of the Bugatti Galibier added.

The Galibier 16C is what Bugatti wants to produce once production of the Veyron ends in 2012. So you’re looking at the likely four-door saloon from Bugatti that will hit the roads in 2013. But don’t think this is the replacement for the Veyron. It’s not. That will be revealed later. This is a new additional model from Bugatti, as long as VW can be persuaded to sign it off for production.

Still sporting the massive W16 from the Veyron, the Galibier will get a pair of superchargers instead of the quad-turbos the Veyron enjoys, so you’ll probably see around 800bhp from this four-door Bugatti. The Galibier will also get a conventional eight-speed slushbox instead of the DSG ‘box in the Veyron.

The doors and wings will be made of aluminium, but the rest of the car will be carbon fibre. Bugatti want to make the Galibier the “world’s fastest, highest accelerating and powerful four-door”, so the extensive use of carbon fibre will help.

As we reported when we first saw the ‘Bordeaux Invitation’ – which hinted at the shape of the new four-door Bugatti – styling is influenced by the Type 57 Atlantique, complete with central spine running down the car to the hatchback. Yes, this is the ultimate hatchback, instead of a conventional saloon.

The interior is designed to be ultra luxurious yet minimalist in concept. Two large central dials dominate the wood clad dash, which includes a Parmigiani clock which can be removed and attached to a bespoke wristwatch – just like that on the Rolls Royce Hyperion.

Bugatti are going to be showing the Galibier round the word in the coming months, and are hoping to have it signed off for production by Spring 2010. Price? Pure speculation at this point, but it will be heading up to £1,000,000. Bugatti don’t do ‘Budget’.

All we need to know now is what Bugatti has in store for the Veyron’s replacement.

By Cars UK