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Bugatti Galibier could get 1400hp

Tue, 21 Aug 2012

The Bugatti Galibier – Bugatti’s four door saloon – is still on the way and could get as much as 1400hp.

It’s three years since the Bugatti Galibier first arrived on the scene, since when we’ve had rumour and counter rumour about when, or indeed if, Bugatti’s four-door supercar saloon would go in to production.

But the production of the Galibier has never really been in doubt, although it was never likely to happen until the Veyron was on its last knockings. But as that gets closer, Bugatti are also getting closer to making the Galibier a production car.

Outgoing Bugatti and Bentley boss Wolfgang Dürheimer, who’s already revealed that the Bentley 6¾ litre V8 engine will be dropped, has now been pontificating on Bugatti before his departure and tells Car and Driver that the Galibier project is being pursued with ‘High Energy’.

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Dürheimer goes on to say that unlike the original plans for the Galibier it will now get ‘at least 1000hp’ and C&D believe it could actually get as much as 1400hp. Whatever its prodigious output ends up being, Dürheimer says the Galibier will be faster than anything on the market.

Dürheimer also says that the final design is still not finally signed off, that Bugatti has had input from Giugiaro (another VW company) on the design and that the priority for the Galibier, beyond its design, is sheer power.

Which all sounds very promising. And the sooner Bugatti get on with the Galibier, the sooner they can turn their attention for a lighter and more powerful replacement for the Veyron.


Source: Car & Driver



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