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Bugatti Veyron – Eight Veyrons sold to one buyer

Mon, 15 Aug 2011

Bugatti Veyron - 8 sold to one customer

However wealthy you are it’s hard to imagine spending more than £1 million on a new car; a classic, certainly, but a new car with all that depreciation? No, thanks.  But that’s really just the starting point for a Bugatti Veyron, with the Veyron Grand Sport and the Veyron Super Sport costing substantially more than that.

But for some – with wealth in the billions rather than just mere million – the cost of a Veyron is but a drop in the ocean. So much so that Bugatti boss Wolfgang Dürheimer has revealed one customer from the Middle East has recently placed and order for eight Veyrons – two to keep for himself and six to give to friends. Friends, we suspect, he may have in abundance with that level of generosity (wonder if it’s the same guy who bought ten Aston Martin One-77s last year?).

Dürheimer let this little gem slip in conversation with De Telegraaf’s AutoVisio, and he had a few more gems to reveal over what must have been a loose-tongued lunch.

Autovisio asked Dürheimer about the possibility of the Veyron Grand Sport getting the 1200bhp lump from the Super Sport, but Dürheimer  said it won’t be possible because the design of the Grand Sport made it impossible to funnel enough air to the 1200bhp lump to keep it cool.

But he did say there was still room for more power in the Grand Sport, just not as much as the Super Sport. Which may be something Bugatti do – for yet another Veyron Limited Edition – as Dürheimer revealed that there is still a long way to go to shift Grand Sport production.

When Bugatti revealed the Grand Sport they said they planned to make 150 cars. So far they’ve only managed to shift forty, so there’s still a way to go. In fact, it seems likely that Veyron Grand Sport production will still be going on when the Bugatti Galibier kicks in.

Unless Bugatti talks nicely to the man who’s already bought eight Veyrons.

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Source: AutoVisio

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