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Bugatti Veyron Super Sport: More details & new photos

Thu, 19 Aug 2010

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport

Thanks to a friend of Cars UK with a healthy appetite for hypercars (and the bank balance to indulge his lust) we were able to break the news to the world that Bugatti were building the ultimate, 1200 hp Veyron – The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport - back in June. Bugatti confirmed our story in July with news that the Veyron Super Sport had taken the world speed record for a production car with an average speed run of 267.81 mph.

When Bugatti announced the Super Sport and the new World Record, we also got pictures of the world record Veyron which will form the basis for an Orange and Carbon World Record Edition of five cars. The rest of the run of Super Sports will come in whatever hue the lucky owner chooses, and a rather special specification.

Larger intercoolers and turbochargers have been used to increase the Veyron’s output from 1001 hp to 1200 hp. The chassis has been tweaked with a slightly raised main-spring travel, stronger stabilisers and new race-spec shocks. Lateral accelleration of up to 1.4g is now possible and the new fibre structure of the all carbon monocoque keeps things stiff and light (and as it’s all fibre owners can opt for a bare, clear-lacquered body if they wish).

The Super Sport has a flatter silhouette than the regular Veyron thanks to two NACA ducts integrated in to the roof instead of scoops of the regular car. At the front the air intakes have been reshaped and enlarged with the bottom one extending round to the wheel arch. At the back the new double diffuser and central exhaust make the Super Sport look more aggressive.

There’s also some interesting figures cropping up. Around town the Super Sport emits 867g/km of CO2, which should have the morons and eco-mentalists up in arms. Surprisingly, it also averages 23.1 mpg, although there’s not an owner in the world who’ll come close to achieving that.

Production of the Veyron SuperSport starts at Molsheim next month. Bugatti deliveries are not the most reliable, so we’ll give them room to manoeuvre by not quoting anything more specific than ‘First customer deliveries in 2011′.

By Cars UK