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Bugatti Veyron limited editions (2009) first pictures

Wed, 16 Dec 2009

Bugatti has concluded its 100th birthday celebrations at the 2009 Dubai Motor Show by revealing three more special edition Veyrons.

First up is the ‘Nocturne’, which is limited to a five-unit production run in the Middle East. It boasts contrasting black and polished aluminium body panels, as well as galvanised side windows and custom rims, while inside are a galvanised platinum centre console and a black magnesium dashboard.

Then there’s the unique ‘Sang d’Argent’, which Bugatti says was inspired by its two-tone Centenary Villa d’Este cars. We wonder if they weren't in fact inspired by a mirror. The Sang d’Argent wears polished aluminium and silver metallic finery, while filling out the rubber is a set of Grand Sport rims.

Finally, the one-off ‘Soleil de Nuit’ (that’s ‘sun of the night’ to you and I) gains its name by way of a deep blue exterior and – you guessed it – polished aluminium finish, allied to a bright orange leather interior. Very bling.

And you’d be right. The asking price for a Nocturne is €1.65 million (£1.48 million), while the Sang d’Argent and the Soleil de Nuit cost €1.45 million (£1.3 million) and €1.55 million (£1.39 million) respectively.

The no-doubt extremely wealthy buyers of these special Veyrons will take delivery of their cars in the first quarter of 2010. It's telling that Bugatti is rinsing out so many special editions at the end of the Veyron's life. We love the car and admire its engineering prowess, but do question the mass-marketing approach to flogging the last few...

By Tim Swietochowski