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Buick Regal GS at Detroit

Thu, 07 Jan 2010

GM are showing a 'Concept' of the Buick Regal GS at the Detroit Motor Show

It always seemed likely that having taken the very good Vauxhall Insignia and turned it in to a Buick for the 21st century – The Buick Regal – that GM would take the obvious step of producing a performance version based on the Insignia VRX. So it’s not a huge surprise that GM have revealed the Buick Regal GS as a Concept (concept? Believe that and you’ll believe anything) which they are showing at the Detroit Motor Show this month.

One surprise to us is that the Regal GS won’t be using the 325bhp V6 the Insignia VRX gets. Instead – perhaps to prove in some ‘hair-shirt’ kind of way that they have given up their profligate ways – GM are dropping a four-pot turbo in to the GS which is essentially a tweaked – to give 255bhp – version of the lump already used in the regular Regal. Shame.

The GS will however get 4WD and the subtly aggressive looks we enjoy on the VRX. Suspension lowers by just under half and inch, a couple of portholes on the bonnet, twin exhausts and bigger front air intakes. Inside there’s the usual sporty bits and bobs and a set of Recaros (although it could be argued that very few Buick buyers are likely to have Recaro-shaped arses). The GS will also get a six-speed manual ‘box as standard, although there is no chance the auto option will be omitted.

Expect to see the Regal GS launch a few months after the Regal does, despite GM’s insistence this is a concept. All this sporty Buick stuff is a brave move by GM to try and reposition Buick as a brand for those who don’t yet need a disabled sticker as standard.

The Insignia is as good a starting point for achieving that as they are likely to get.

By Cars UK