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CAR Online: a model year facelift for our website

Mon, 16 Mar 2009

We're getting the new CAR branding, and a spruce-up here and there: a sophisticated colour palette, improved navigation and other tweaks to make CAR Online better

By Tim Pollard

Motor Industry

16 March 2009 15:05

Yes, we’ve finally launched our new-for-2009 facelifted website. We've rolled out v2.1 of CAR Online – a gently fettled, spruced-up version of your favourite motoring website.

We’ve redesigned the site in harmony with the new-look CAR Magazine, so there’s a more sophisticated colour palette, new-look CAR logo branding and tidied-up layouts on most pages. If you haven’t yet seen the current, redesigned April 2009 issue of CAR, click here for our digital preview.

We pressed the big green launch button for CAR Online on Tuesday 17 March 2009 – and it might need a few days to iron out some of the inevitable bugs that crop up with this sort of redevelopment. Please bear with us while we try to fix these, and let us know of any problems by clicking 'Add your comment' and telling us below.

We haven’t messed with the functionality of CAR Online. So don’t worry about not being able to find content on our redesigned website. This is purely a cosmetic nip-and-tuck and the menus, navigation and layouts haven’t really changed much.

Think of it as a model year change on a family car; the chassis is the same, there are just some new body panels to freshen up the exterior.

As well as the new colour scheme (CAR gold, RIP), you’ll find a darker border encasing the pages. This means that the content you actually want to read is easier to find – all the editorial is displayed on white, neatly prioritising the articles you come here to read.

We hope you find the new look easier to navigate and use day to day. As ever, please give us your feedback – we’re sure you’ll give praise where it’s due and constructive comments where needed!

By Tim Pollard