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CAR prangs Ferrari FF

Fri, 25 Mar 2011

CAR's Jethro Bovingdon gets in a mess with the Ferrari FF

It’s happened to us all on a car review, but not necessarily whilst piloting a £230k Ferrari FF.

Ferrari has been hosting a playday in Italy for print media to come and torment the Ferrari FF, to see if its deserves to be a real Ferrari despite its pseudo SUV, Shooting Brake styling.

CAR Magazine sent along hack Jethro Bovingdon to fly the CAR flag in Italy, and put together a piece for the magazine and (fortunately for us) a video piece for the website.

So Jethro set off to play in the Ferrari FF, working out his best ‘I should really be a Top Gear presenter‘ dialogue as he went. And it was all going very well. Jethro was telling us how the FF let you be “…committed to the throttle… on a very twisty narrow road that shouldn’t suit this car…” All very ‘I should really be on TV’.

Sadly for Jethro, his skills on the day weren’t up to his rhetoric. No sooner had the words left his mouth – and been recorded for posterity by the in-car camera – than Jethro’s ambition exceeded his talent and he hit the kerb. Heavily. It seems the FF will need a couple of new alloys. Oh, dear.

There is apparently no truth in the rumour Jethro’s bed may soon be acquainted with the front end of a horse.

By Cars UK