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CDN/GM-PATAC competition deadline extended

Fri, 08 Feb 2013

We're now three months into the CDN-GM/PATAC Interactive Design Competition China, and here at CDN we're excited to see some many strong entries coming in.

Because there has been such a flurry of quality entries leading up to the first round deadline, we're happy to announce that the deadlines have been adjusted to allow for more students to compete for two internships with GM in China.

All entries must now be received by March 1, 2013 in order to qualify for judging. Students who have already entered designs are encouraged to keep working on their designs, and the GM and CDN mentors will be active leading up to the new closing deadline to help refine the designs and push their entries further.

The competition will no longer be judged in two rounds, but rather in one final judging to determine the winners, so using the interactivity and advice of the mentors will be extra important in this final month!

Eight GM designers and member of the Car Design News editorial staff are watching and commenting on designs, so don't miss the opportunity to get feedback from a professional mentor on your design. Even if you don't win in the end, this is still an excellent way to learn and grow as a young designer and get noticed on an international stage.

Right now we have more than 60 entries split almost evenly between the Buick Lacrosse and the Chevrolet E-Camaro, but we're hoping to get many more before the new deadline arrives. It is important to have both an interior and exterior design entered or your design will be considered incomplete.

Also don't forget that mood and inspiration boards, as well as customer profiles, will be an important part of explaining your concept to the judges and will help your chances of winning. If you haven't done them yet, take the time to post them to show the mentors where your concept came from.

Judging will take place in late March by a group of respected GM designers, including Brian Nesbitt, Vice President of Design at GM International Operations, Michael Simcoe, Executive Director – Global Design GMIO at Holden, Min Cao, Chief Designer/Advanced Design Director at PATAC, Burt Wong, Executive Deputy Director of PATAC Design Department at PATAC, and Holt Ware, Executive Design Director at PATAC.

A list of finalists will be announced on Car Design News after the judging, and all of those students will be invited to the final awards announcement at Car Design Night in Shanghai on April 18, 2013. Two winners will receive an internship with GM in China, but for all of the finalists this is an excellent opportunity to meet designers and industry leaders from around the globe.

The competition is open to all full-time students at design schools in China who have at least one more semester to complete after the competition ends. Students can be at any level of their studies and from any discipline. We encourage students from studies outside of automotive design, such as product design and architecture, to compete and bring with them a new perspective.

The new deadline date is a great opportunity to get involved in something that can change your life and career, so don't delay in creating an entry if you haven't already done so. The earlier you get an entry uploaded, the more time you will have to receive feedback and encouragement from the mentors and fellow students. Good luck to all and we'll see you in the comments!

See the official contest website for more information about the competition and to register for entry.

By Andrew Meehan