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Car Color Trends Shift with the Economy (Video)

Mon, 20 Jul 2009

According to the 2008 DuPont Automotive Color Popularity Report, white is the top vehicle color choice in North America for the second straight year in a row, with black and silver close behind. And experts say the slumping economy may be playing a role in these choices.

During an economic downturn, people tend to be more conservative when purchasing a new car and often avoid getting something too trendy. Owners don't want to risk getting a color they might dislike in a year so they stick to a more muted palette. But muted doesn't always mean dull.

In fact, new paint finishes and additives are bringing colors to life. Traditional colors that used to have only four to five pigments in them now have seven to nine, creating a unique finish and a shift of color as the vehicle moves around.

While white, black and silver are expected to remain strong, the popularity of true chromatic colors, such as blue and green, are on the rise as consumers and automakers look to more environmental themes and lifestyles.