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Caterham Roadsport 175 – the 4 bed option

Sat, 22 Aug 2009

You can hire a Motorhome plus Caterham Roadsport 175 for £650 for 3 days

So many families choose to holiday in the UK or drive round the Continent. But the brood tends to dictate the style, and Motorhome-type holidays are an increasingly popular way to go.

A huge improvement on the towed caravan option, they do offer a degree of self-contained luxury – depending on your budget, of course.

But what they don’t offer is any form of driving entertainment. You can enjoy the views in a stunning Alpine pass, but deep-down there will be pangs of ‘If only this wasn’t a family holiday in a truck’.

But wistfully dreaming of what fun you could have on those Alpine roads if only you weren’t stuck in a Motorhome could be a thing of the past if you take up an offer from A Class Motorhome Rentals.

They’re offering a pretty decent Motorhome for hire, but they’re throwing in a trailer loaded up with a Caterham Roadsport 175. Which is the perfect car for storming round winding roads with the wind in your hair.

So as long as ‘She who must be obeyed’ can be persuaded to stay with the kids and the motorhome, you can go and play in the Caterham whenever the opportunity arises. Price for a three day jaunt are £650 all in. Which isn’t too bad.

Mind you, you could find it’s you that’s left with the kids whilst Mum goes out to play. You’ve been warned.

By Cars UK