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Chevrolet updates Impala logo

Mon, 16 Apr 2012

Chevrolet has announced that its 2014 Impala will feature a redesigned emblem as the latest evolvement of the range's African antelope logo.

The Impala model is one of only two vehicles – the other being the Corvette and its crossed-flags – in Chevrolet's range to have its own exclusive symbol, and thus it has been upgraded to complement the design of the latest model.

Joann Kallio, lead creative designer for Chevrolet global badging, says, "We kept the stylized interpretation of the animal, and made the impala more muscular. We also added defined edges, to give the impala a sleek form and make it look like it was running fast."

The bright chrome finish matches that of the car's bowties, located in the grille and on the decklid. The highlights on the Impala badge follow the contour of the animal, intending to enhance the ‘illusion of movement'. Two versions, both facing forward, feature on the sides of the car, while Impala logos are also stamped into the aluminum sill plates.

By Rufus Thompson