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Children And Mobile Phones Prove Biggest Distraction To Drivers

Tue, 25 Feb 2014

CHILDREN might be charming most of the time but a new survey from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) will no doubt have parents reading the data with a knowing smile.

According to the poll, conducted in conjunction with Vision Critical, 29 percent of drivers questioned admitted that their children proved to be the biggest distraction when driving.

Following close behind, and with a nod to the busy lives many claim to lead, was the ubiquitous mobile phone - be that for making calls, texting or checking social media updates.

Unsurprisingly, young drivers identified the most with use of mobile devices when behind the wheel, while stereotypes were maintained with a different demographic as almost a quarter of male drivers admitted to being distracted by attractive people as they drove. Contrast that with only three percent of females admitting the same.

Despite children and new technology dominating the distraction ranking, old favourites such as back seat drivers and simple tasks such as changing radio stations also figured highly.

Commenting on the survey, IAM chief executive Simon Best said: “People who think they can multi-task while driving are kidding themselves. If you take your eyes of the road for just two seconds at 30 miles per hour, you’ll travel close to 90 feet, effectively blind.

“All drivers develop bad habits over time. The key to reducing distractions and their impact is to learn to look upon your driving as a skill that needs continuous evaluation and improvement.”

By Press Association reporters