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Chrysler Ypsilon revealed

Mon, 14 Feb 2011

Lancia Ypsilon - a change of badge will make it the Chrysler Ypsilon

We only reported the other day that Lancia are coming back to the UK with a Chrysler-badged Ypsilon. And it’s probably a little disingenuous to say that the Chrysler Ypsilon has been revealed. It hasn’t.

But the Lancia Ypsilon has, and all that will change when the Ypsilon comes to the UK this Summer is the badge to morph the Lancia Ypsilon in to the Chrysler Ypsilon.

For those too young to remember when Lancias graced UK roads, Lancia is a Fiat company and their cars are often a different take on a Fiat. In this case, the Ypsilon is Lancia’s take on the Fiat 500 – admittedly with a longer wheelbase.

That longer wheelbase – and the use of Fiat’s thin seats – means the Ypsilon will boast a properly usable rear cabin and be able to sport five doors.

Engines on offer will be a 1.2 litre petrol, 1.3 litre diesel and the 900cc TwinAir. Which even those with just a passing knowledge of Fiat will recognise from the Fiat 500. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Even the lawnmower engine is a decent lump and both the 2-pot and the diesel should manage less than 100g/km CO2.

In terms of price, we’re expecting to see the Ypsilon come in at a starting price a bit over £12k. We’re not sure exactly how Chrysler are going to pitch the Ypsilon, but in Italy you can opt for some very grown-up options on the Lancia Ypsilon.

Those high-end options – such as full leather trim – set the Ypsilon apart from many other mainstream superminis and potentially give Chrysler a supermini that can match cars like the MINI and A1, but come in at a lower price.

The Chrysler Ypsilon is expected in the UK by the Autumn.

By Cars UK