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Citroen DS2 2012 – the new 2CV

Wed, 25 Nov 2009

The Citroen DS2 - a 21st Century 2CV - will launch in 2012

We had the Citroen C3 Nouveau teased in the run up to this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show in September. By the time we got in to a reveal it had turned in to the Citroen Revolte. As we said at the time, not Revolte as in Revolting but Revolte as in Revolutionary.

Despite the ‘Revelutionary’ tag which Citroen lumbered the conept with it seems clear that the Revolte will actually become part of the Citroen Essentille Range we reported on a few weeks back. Which in some ways makes sense – if indeed it is to be a 2CV for the 21st century – but rather less so if the moniker that’s being touted around for this new Citroen is correct – the Citroen DS2.

As you know from the release of the Citroen DS3 (and the still to come Citroen DS4 and the DS5) the DS badging is supposed to be about an upmarket direction for Citroen. And to be fair, the DS3 does make a pretty good fist of being a competitor for the Fiat 500 and the MINI. But if the Essentielle Range is about economy and basics – back to the modern 2CV theme – we don’t see how that sits with the upmarket ethos of the badge.

Still, I’m sure everything will become as clear as mud at some point. For now what we know is that the DS2 will be a ‘Production-ised’ version of the Revolte Concept, with a more traditional Chevron Grill, a narrower track and more realistic headlights. But it will still retain the suicide doors at the back. It will be powered by a range of ‘Eco’ three pot engines and be based on the C3 underpinnings.

More when we get it.

By Cars UK