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Citroen DS3 in the Pink

Tue, 05 Jul 2011

Citroen DS3 - complete with Fuchsia Pink Roof

We love the Citroen DS3; it’s the best car in its sector by a surprisingly long way, and winner of our ‘Best car if you’re paying for it Yourself‘ Award. It’s also Top Gear and Fifth Gear’s favourite car.

Which could go some way to explaining the 100,000 DS3s Citroen has already shifted, and 10,000 of those in the UK. So with a nice little milestone like that clocked up in just over a year Citroen is having a celebrate by launching some new colour options on the DS3.

Top of the heap – certainly in impact – is the Fuchsia Pink roof option which you can have with matching pink door mirrors, dashboard, wheelcentres and gear knob. If only Katie Price had known before she grabbed a Kahn Panamera.

But it’s not just Fuschia Pink that’s been added to the DS3 palette from the end of this month. Also up for grabs is Hickory Brown Pearlescent paint jobs, and ‘Flower’ and ‘Flavio’ roof designs in the ‘Spirit’ range.

All add to the seemingly endless range of style and colour options Citroen has made available on the DS3,l so much so we doubt there’s any two DS3s out there with identical spec.

We’re probably a long way off being the DS3′s target demographic (perhaps with the exception of Claire) but even though we think the DS3 is brilliant we do think it’s a bit sensitive to colour schemes.

We’ve seen a few horrors floating around over the last year, but however many DS3s we’ve seen not a single one looks as good as the DS3 we had in for review last year – black with a white roof and door mirrors and two-tone leather. But that’s the joy of the DS3 – it can suit your style however weird that may be. We just dread to think what some of the colour schemes do to the residuals.

Still, there’s always the option of a wrap if you get offered a lurid bargain.

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