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Citroen DS4 est arrivée!

Mon, 30 Aug 2010

The Citroen DS4 gets revealed ahead of the Paris Motor Show

We’ve been trailing the arrival of the next in the line of Citroen’s upmarket DS range – the Citroen DS4 – for more than a year. And Citroen showed us how close the next instalment in the modern DS story was with the Citroen High Rider Concept at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. But now it’s here.

Perhaps we should see the DS4 as Citroen’s take on the Peugeot 3008. It’s a high-riding crossover with a distinctly upmarket feel, and if it drives as well as the 3008 it will be a very good second outing for Citroen’s DS moniker.

The dimensions promise more dynamism than the C4 as the DS4 is wider but shorter. Yes, it’s also taller, but we now know from the 3008 how well PSA can cope with the dynamics on taller cars. The nose is a classy interpretation of Citroen’s latest face, with the daytime running lights drawing your eye to the ample wheel arches.

As is the modern style, the DS4 has a coupe-like profile, a visual deceit underlined by the hidden handles for the rear doors. The rear end us sculpted and a bit bulbous but it does make the DS4 look more squat and purposeful than its dimensions would suggest.

Inside Citroen are aiming at a premium feel. Lots of chrome detail and splashings of leather lift the cabin from the ordinary to…well, not quite the extraordinary but something better than regular ordinary.

All this is helped by the Visio panoramic roof which bathes the interior in light and makes you feel like you’re driving something more open than a convertible. It’s an odd sensation, but one you soon warm to and enjoy. And there’s a great big roof blind for if things get a bit warm.

There will be lots of options on offer for the interior, including a range of smart leathers, massaging seats and big audio systems to enhance the upmarket appeal of this Citroen Crossover.

But the DS4 isn’t just about style and choice – although that is certainly on offer. There is a big boot, lots of storage and a decent sized cabin with some decent practicality dialled in with stuff like a cooled centre storage bin and bigger door pockets, and standard kit like blind-spot monitoring and speed limiter.

On the oily front there’s a choice of five engines. The oil burners – which will be the big sellers – are a 1.6 with 110bhp and stop/start with regenerative braking (not the most fun option) and a 2.0 litre 160bhp lump, which will be far more interesting.

On the petrol front you’ll get three options. You can opt for a 120bhp 1.6 VTi or the choice of two flavours of 1.6 turbo – 155bhp or 200bhp. Either of which should be a bit of a blast.

The DS4 underlines once again that Citroen are a company very much going in the right direction. If you want more bumph on the DS4 check out the Citroen DS4 press release. The DS4 will get its public debut at the Paris Motor Show in early October, and start to hit the road in early 2011.

And we’re looking forward to getting our hands on one.

By Cars UK