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Citroen DS4: UK Price & Models

Fri, 24 Jun 2011

Citroen DS4 - starts at £18,150 in the UK

The Citroen DS4 has already been voted ‘Most Beautiful Car of the Year‘, despite not even being on sale yet. It’s a bit like the LEAF being voted Car of the Year before it’s actually got in to the hands of consumers. Except the DS4 is a cracking looking car. Whereas the LEAF isn’t really a car at all.

A higher riding, sporty feeling, upmarket take on the more prosaic Citroen C4, Citroen are hoping to do with the DS4 what they did with the DS3.

What they did with the DS3 was top make it one of the best cars money can buy. Funky, fun and decent value, the DS3 certainly brought the DS moniker back with a bang. Can the DS4 emulate its little brother’s success? It’s in with a chance, we have to say.

The new DS4 range offers a pair of diesels – HDi 110HP and HDi 160HP – and three petrol engines – the VTi 120HP, THY 155HP and the much more interesting THP 200HP. Which you can probably work out are BMW/MINI lumps.

Three model designations are on offer – DSign, DStyle and DSport – wiuth the range kicking off at £18,150 for the DS4 DSign VTi 120, rising to £23,950 for the DS4 DSport HDi 160 (although we’d take the THP 200 for £300 less).

Citroen are hoping to mop up sales from a diverse range of competition, feeling that the DS4 spans a number of established niches. So they’re targeting those who might otherwise opt for a Scirocco or Megane Coupe; a Golf or Civic; a Qashqai or Countryman; Giulietta, 1-Series or A3. Bold aims.

And if the DS4 is as good as the DS3, it could even happen.

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