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Citroen Nouveau C3 teased

Sat, 05 Sep 2009

The Citroen Nouveau C3 tease which appeared on Facebook

Citroen has revealed a teaser image on Facebook for something they are dubbing Citroen Nouveau C3. Now to us – linguistic geniuses that we are – Nouveau means ‘New’. But often in a somewhat derogatory sense. As in Nouveau-Riche – you’ve got the dosh but no class.

I’m sure that’s not Citroen’s intent, and perhaps they mean Nouveau as in ‘Modern; Cutting Edge’. But on the face of it Citroen are teasing something that’s none too desirable. Oh, the joys of the nuance of  language. Let’s just dump the Euro and make them all speak English – much better idea.

So what could this Nouveau C3 be? Well it can’t be the new Citroen C3 as we’ve already seen that. It can’t be the new Citroen C3 derived ‘Posh’ C3  – the Citroen DS3 - because we’ve seen that too. So what is it?

We had a quick, rough play with the levels to get more outline (click image for bigger photo)

In all honesty your guess is as good as ours. But could it be the production ready version of the Citroen C-Cactus Concept we reported on back in March, when we revealed that Citroen are planning an Eco-Range of cars? Citroen’s plans are to have a super-green range of cars offering hybrid, all electric and 3-pot drivetrains to drive down the emissions and up the economy.

So that’s our best guess – a super-eco C3 based on the C-Cactus Concept. But of course, Citroen could have had a brainstorm and decided to do a hot C3. But that would be counter to the declared aim of letting Peugeot do ‘Sporty’ whilst Citroen does ‘Luxury’.

We’ll see.

By Cars UK