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Citroen Tubik Concept – it’s a Citroen H Van MPV

Sun, 04 Sep 2011

Citroen Tubik Concept - Frankfurt-bound

The Citroen Tubik is a slightly bonkers concept from Citroen that’s heading to the Frankfurt Motor Show in a week or so. But it does have possibilities as a production car.

Looking like a modern take on a Citroen H Van (the cheap and cheerful, do anything, post-war lugging machine) the Tubik is Citroen’s idea of what a high-tech executive shuttle should be.

Lucky executives will travel in an aluminium shell, cosseted in purple on every seating surface there is. The Tubik’s three rows of seats twist and turn, move and remove to give passengers every configuration you can imagine, including a bed (well, the Tubik has been designed for Dominique Strauss-Kahn French executives).

Connectivity, high-def sound and a huge semi-circular screen make sure the pampered execs have all they need to work, rest and play. The cocoon theme carries over to the cockpit area where the driver sits in kind of circular perch – looking like an egg-shaped section – seemingly separate from the passengers. Which sort of makes sense if Citroen’s focus is on business transport.

Ambient lighting abounds – doubtless controllable for every activity from brain-storming to a little l’amour l’après-midi – and the floor looks like it’s covered on faux leather.

The doors are asymmetrical, with the driver getting a single scissor-type door to get in an out, and the passengers having the luxury of a huge, double-length gullwing door which opens the whole side of the Tubik up for easy entry or exit from any of the three rows of seats.

Very Citroen and daft as it may be, the Tubik Concept could, with a bit of toning-down, be a workable production MPV.

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