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Cobra Tag keeps track of your stuff

Wed, 27 Apr 2011

Your smartphone can locate the nearest sushi restaurant. It can stream live television. It can facilitate a Scrabble game with your friend who lives in a different state. It can help you with so many things, both useful and not, but why can't it help you find your dang keys?

Come this summer it can, thanks to Cobra Tag, a two-part hardware and software system designed to help you keep track of your stuff.

The Cobra Tag includes a small electronic sensor that communicates with a free app downloaded to your phone and can attach to your key ring, wallet or laptop bag.

The sensor can detect when it is out of range of the phone, suggesting that you may have taken your keys but left your phone behind. It can also help locate the phone when within range. Simply tap a button on the sensor and it will ring your phone. Or vice-versa if you're looking for the item hooked to your Cobra Tag dongle. You can use your phone's app to make the dongle ring.

To secure your phone's data, you can set up the PhoneHalo application, which will lock your phone when it is out of range of the sensor.

The Cobra Tag, coming out in July, will retail for $59.95.

By Julie Alvin