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College Exhibition: Creapole-EDSI MA Degree Show 2007

Fri, 13 Apr 2007

The Creapole-ESDI Transport Design Masters degree exhibition took place in March this year, with work from the 17 graduating students of the Paris-based two year course on display.

Citroen C-Bionic
Antonin Maire D'Eglise

The C-Bionic Concept has an environmental focus exploring several directions of renewable, organic, and bio-engineered materials. At the center of the C-Bionic concept is the idea of using a genetically engineered tree to serve as the main chassis for the vehicle, while the rest of the vehicle would be made out of high-density bio-plastics that in turn could be made out of parts of the tree and other organic materials. Bio-engineering would ensure that each tree grew to the same shape, and would only require minimal modification during the zero-emission manufacturing process. At the same time, each tree as it grew would take in 1.6 tons of CO2 and would expel 1 tonne of clean air into the atmosphere, cutting down on pollution and possibly global warming.

The Sweed
Cedric Margerin

Designed for young 'bioneers' - 25-35 year old ecologically conscious people, the Sweed features on-board hydrogen production from algae in the protruding headlamps and tail lamps, which are the main feature of this vehicle. Constant exposure to light would permit the photosynthetic process in the algae to break water down into hydrogen and oxygen. This system would allow constantly renewable, pollution free driving. While the three-passenger vehicle consists of several contemporary design cues, the mixture of several organic forms and the protruding surfaces gives the vehicle a unique blowfish-like feel.

Eco Mobility
Nicolas Martin

In an attempt to find continuously renewable energy while changing the way people think about cars, Eco Mobility consists of a windmill that rises from the center of the car and charges the car while parked. Specially designed rotors could be activated by wind moving in any direction. The design of the roadster reinforces the fact that this is an efficient, eco friendly car for city driving rather than high speed. Several vents positioned throughout the body would create a unique, almost musical, sound when driving, so that bystanders could immediately hear that this car differed from other vehicles on the road.  It is mainly targeted towards people living in a modern phenomenon of new 'eco-cities.'

Florentin Bernardi

If Peugeot were to return to the United States, they would have to do it in style and with a purely revolutionary design. This was the idea behind the Volvere, a crossover utility that strived to show 'crossover' in its design. At the center of the Volver is a very soft, natural form. However on the sides of the vehicle, sandwiching the organic cabin form are sharp, industrial armor-like side panels giving the vehicle the aggressive edge it would need to succeed in the US market. In addition these side panels could be easily swapped in case of an accident or for personalization.

Polarctik Challenge
Nicolas Allard

The Polarctik Challenge is a massive arctic exploration vehicle that uses size to it's advantage: high ground clearance allows it to overcome almost any obstacle while the body shape allows it to be semi-amphibious. Used primarily for scientific exploration journeys, this vehicle is tethered to a sentinel blimp that hovers in front and above the vehicle to allow explorers to see farther and give them a better idea of what terrain they will encounter or are traversing. When not in use, the sentinel fits on the roof and hood of the vehicle for easier transportation.