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College Exhibition: Creapole MA Degree Show 2011

Fri, 29 Apr 2011

Creapole Design School – 'Ecole de Creation Management' as it refers to itself – has just held its annual Masters Week exhibition at its central Parisian premises.

The focus of this year's show is 'intelligent technology', proposing alternative propulsion systems for the transport of tomorrow, from the urban to the aquatic, from the functional to the fictional. The challenge for these young designers is to take these new technologies and apply them in an attractive, meaningful and human way.

Fernandez Rayar

This transportation device avoids the hindering necessity to take lessons and wear scuba gear to explore the deep seas. It allows four people to visit the depths together, experiencing new sensations of well-being and freedom, while releasing them from the earth's gravity. Its form is inspired by various aquatic forms: manta rays, dolphins and diving humans.

Blue Note
Cyrille Durand

Accoring to Antoine de Saint Exupéry, "True miracles are noiseless". This concept therefore draws from the potential aural energy surrounding the urban atmosphere. By harnessing this potential energy into electricity via oscillating tendrils, this vehicle aims to appease the demands for alternative power.

Rafik Ferrag

The "Renaissance" project proposes to imagine an electric vehicle for Citroën and its DS series in order to promote its range on the premium market in China, as he believes the car market in Europe is reaching saturation. The elegant coupé features a floating upper glazed surface that recalls models of the past as it flows over the rear wheels.

Renault Karma
Charles Babiez

Drivers' moods are closely tied to the type of journeys they make and to the kind of day they are having or will have. Designed for the Renault brand, this concept will be adaptable to help relax and re-energize drivers, alleviating stress via the use of phosphorous lighting. Lighting also plays a major role in the coupé's exterior, where its front and rear lamp graphics flow into and out of the car's flanks.

BMW Pario
Harvey Rabenjamina

The BMW Pario concept is the result of an ambitious alliance between BMW Works India and Intel, between reality and the virtual. Its maker says Pario will immerse and transport its users from the city to those futuristic Islands through a new world where joy and pleasure to move reborn. Its form has as much in common with sculpture than traditional auto design, while its elastomeric material construction allows the driver's movements to be transformed into electronic signals, which control the vehicle.

Opel Ray
Robert Hong

Inspired by the Egyptian mythology and the Sun god °ÆRA°Ø, the Opel 'Ray' concept is an EV that circumnavigates its trip by adapting its large solar-painted wingspan to the geographical position of the sun. Acting like a land-based sailboat, the Ray is a super-efficient vehicle that harnesses renewable energy as its fuel.

Airstream Globetrotter 21
Jean-Pierre Da Silva

In the 30s, the Airstream was a revolutionary concept caravan combining aerodynamics with the technology of aeronautics industry. With the Globetrotter 21, Da Silva's Airstream concept continues to innovate by offering soft yet resistant fabrics to create a new dynamic that blends technology with gypsy festivity. Its mirrored body allows it to reflect and interact visually with its surroundings.

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By CDN Team