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College Exhibition: Monash University Degree Show 2009

Mon, 25 Jan 2010

Graduating students from the Industrial Design undergraduate program at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia recently presented their annual degree show. One third of the group developed transport related projects encompassing a broad range of topics including energy efficient personal mobility, sustainable materials and manufacturing, scientific data collection and emergency services. Overall, the students' work reflected a strong emphasis on user interaction, systems innovation and production integrity.

Damien Armellin
A reconnaissance and first aid vehicle for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) operating in the high density urbanized environment of 2025 - a time when its maker predicts an increase in accidents and traffic jams - the Re:Veive has the ability to dart from accident to accident and assist an accident victim before an ambulance arrives on the scene. It acts as the ‘on site' eyes and ears of the emergency services unit and updates the Emergency Call Center and ambulances en route. Its soft silicon body houses a quadrupedal hydraulic leg system that enables it to stand up and weave through traffic, traverse dividers or operate in flood conditions.

Richard Li
The small and lightweight plug-in electric MiraQua concept enables individuals to cope with rising congestion in urban spaces. Among the functional innovations is a large asymmetrical door at the front that allows for easy ingress and egress. Additionally, the front passenger seat can fold down and stow away to allow access to the rear seats. Since there are no side doors, the structure of the vehicle can be made lighter and stronger than its competition, enhancing safety, economy and maneuverability. Also, the unique configuration allows easier access to the vehicle in highly congested situations. Another benefit is that the flexible interior space allows transportation of large objects such as a bike. The MiraQua's form language is inspired by water, where the body of the car represents a water droplet encapsulated in a flowing structure.

Flux Personal Transporter
Leigh Hendrik Cosentino
The ‘Flux' Personal Transporter also aims to tackle the problem of increasingly congested roads, as well as high emission levels and rising fuel consumption. The highly evolved bicycle features many of the benefits of small electric vehicles, such as storage space, weather resistance and alternative efficient power. It has the lightness and visual appeal of a small car, yet offers the compelling alternative of pedal power.

Kenneth Attard
Designed to enhance the driver/rider experience, the E-mmerse concept emulates riding a motorcycle but provides the additional security and stability of a conventional four-wheeled vehicle. Taking inspiration from robotic and animal themes, the vehicle immerses its rider within the design and delivers a synergy between human and machine.

Stuart Emmerson
The ‘Skoota' makes use of five minute super charging lithium ion batteries and an in-wheel brushless hub motor to create an entirely sustainable electric personal commuter. The compact urban electric scooter features a unique frame that can be compacted to half its size in five simple actions using the central compacting interface. Additional features include an LED blue halo headlight, simple two button interface, and front caliper/rotor braking system. Its compact size and functionality means it can be easily incorporated with public and other forms of transportation.

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